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                                      The Yoga Salon 

My monthly 90 minute gatherings: Join me for an enlightening evening of community and conversation on Spirituality and Yoga. As always, tea, refreshments, guided meditation and I chant you out...donations graciously accepted, signup required.     

   "I am so happy I was able to attend your Yoga Salon the other week.  It was a wonderful experience for me.  I was a little hesitant at first not knowing what to expect or who would be there, but the energy was warm and welcoming so that didn’t last long.  I enjoyed interacting with and listening to others who are doing the work and have many of the same questions, experiences and concerns.  It’s so nice to be around people who are comfortable discussing spirituality.  The format was perfect-casual but organized.  I always leave  your classes and events feeling so full and at peace.  So much is starting to click for me (much of it thanks to you), and it’s both comforting and exciting.  I appreciate you opening your home and sharing your knowledge and experiences with us."


              One-on-One Spiritual Guidance Sessions

Feeling stuck in a particular area? Need some support to identify, clarify and clear blocks in order to move forward? Meet with me one-on-one. Not therapy but definitely therapeutic, my empathic, intuitive based sessions have been known to get to the heart of things the intellect just can't.One hour session. $100, Three session package $240. Email for more info or to book your session(s).  



      "Insightful, powerful, & life-changing are all words to describe the beauty of Dana's work.  Dana's ability to guide you with her words and visualizations to assist in leading with your heart, is truly inspiring.  Dana came to me at a time of difficult parenting and dealing with feelings of shame & self-doubt. Her authentic ability and passion to see things through a different lens is truly a gift."

      "Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me; I took so much out of our session. I truly think you were put in my life at exactly the right time to guide coach me."

Across the sea...

Reconnect to Your Spirit in Tuscany...My Spiritual Retreat will be back when the time is right... 



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