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Yoga is not something to do; it is a state of being; the union with the Eternal Self; when disturbances and fluctuations of the mind have been supressed.


By its definition a spiritual practice, Yoga asana is a main component of my “spiritual jewelbox”.  Many begin the path of integration on the mat, then quickly discover its many layers and realize Yoga is so much more than physical .


There is nowhere the teachings of Yoga are not relevant or cannot be applied. Yoga inspires, challenges, clarifies and consoles. It helps to solve any problem while revealing the lesson embedded in every struggle. It helps us face who we are while discovering and uncovering the most realized Self we could possibly be.


The inward journey never ends, really, because with devotion and discipline we continue to grow inward and upward, becoming fuller and truer. We learn to navigate the seas of minutiae without losing sight of the big picture. It is fascinating how something universal can also be so personal. Always surprising, utterly healing…forever liberating and revealing.


Begin your journey inward with me.


    yoga schedule:


All Classes now offered at



Yoga on Pine

22 Pine Street,

 Morristown NJ





"I have taken a lot of yoga classes with different instructors but none have stuck with me as much as the class I've taken with Dana. She is an approachable teacher that really embraces the yoga ethic of being yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin. In her class I didn't feel pressure to push myself, I felt the enthusiasm to push my limits and without even noticing I was able to unlock difficult poses I wasn't able to get into before. Dana also has a unique technique of chanting/singing during the end of class which has brought me into one of the most memorable savasanas I have experienced. If you have the chance to take a class with Dana you will feel lifted spiritually and physically. She truly embodies a yoga instructor's mindset of patience, inclusion, and giving appropriate challenges to the students. I am grateful to have been able to take her class." JN


"Through the teaching of her beautifully aligned yoga practice, Dana has helped me to build the internal cues and techniques that have kept me strong and safe in any Yoga class; she has challenged my body in ways that have NEVER injured it; she has opened my heart and mind to new pathways of thought which have carried me through troubled times and enhanced the beautiful times so I can fully embrace them. She will help you develop the tools to achieve the goals you have set for yourself; she is both a guide forward and a place to come back to."   J.B.


"Dana has been my yoga teacher for more than 4 years and I look forward to her classes every week. With her joyful voice and open hearted vinyasa practice, I am transported on a spiritual level while also gain strength, balance and flexibility. She opens class with a customized dharma talk and a gorgeous Sanskrit chant with her harmonium that sets the stage for our practice each week. The class is well attended by intermediate to advanced students, but beginners are welcome. A thorough teacher, Dana introduces the sequences with ease and demonstrates difficult poses seamlessly. She is a gifted and spiritual yogi and will thank you endlessly for practicing yoga with her!"   D.W.


"I had the good fortune to meet Dana a few years ago. I work in a trading room and have a fairly stressful job. I also had no exposure to yoga before taking Dana's class. Dana was so welcoming and patient with me, making me feel like I belonged. After a few classes, I started to feel more flexible, and started to understand her teaching philosophy of body and spirit, which is just what I needed in my life... I am a better person physically and spiritually thanks to Dana."   P.F.

Dana's yoga classes nourish me. It is where I feel most comfortable in my own skin, I can laugh at myself or mourn or push myself beyond any expectations all without judgement. The words she channels in her spiritual guidance at the beginning of class and throughout the practice always resonate with me.


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