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A quiet mind is all you need, All else will happen rightly once the mind is quiet.

Nsrgadatta Maharaj

How, exactly, does one quiet the mind? Meditation is one way; and luckily there are many methods and styles. What are the benefits? Improved concentration, deeper sleep, better overall health, lower stress, better brain function, increased productivity...the list goes on and is supported by science.  There are no requirements other than patience and persistence; cultivating a meditation practice takes desire and consistency.  Our mind will never be empty; but perhaps if we can create some space between our thoughts, they will be more elevated and clear.  

A testimonial for my Guided Meditation:  "The Dana Maria Meditation CD saved me today (so beautiful). Uber driver took a wrong turn on the way to appt which resulted in over one hour in the car with all the street closures. Seriously don't know what I would have done if I wasn't listening to it over and over and over again."

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  • guided meditations/visualization

  • group classes/corporate programs

  • workshops and private instruction

  • meditation recordings

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