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Happy New Year, 2022!

Remember that old children's rhyme, "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jumped over the candlestick?" I'm not even sure what that means, but in a way, if we weren't nimble or able to quickly pivot in 2021, we might have felt some heat in our seat. At last year's Life Review, I spoke of our wish for 2021 to revert everything back to the way things were pre-pandemic, but that instead it would more likely end up a plane trying to take off a long, slow runway (no matter how badly we wished to forget about Covid) Based on that new premise, we explored how our inner life could move forward and feel clear even if our outer life felt at time like a slow moving, amorphous blob with a lot of one step forward/ two steps back (at least that is how it felt sometimes to me). It is all so good, though, because we are being asked unequivocally and repeatedly to stop letting our circumstances be the conditions of our personal and spiritual growth: that the game is, as it has really always been, between our ears, and inside our hearts.

I do think the coming year "feels" lighter, at least to me, and that it has potential for things lighter and positive (I hope it does for you, too), while becoming a little more "grown up" spiritually. Things change. People come and go. Where and how we find meaning matures. We grow older, and hopefully wiser.

I have been teaching Yoga and Spiritual practices for 20 years-- but am still always a student first, (a slow learner for sure). My love of Yoga has not lessened, my passion for it has not waned; my desire to connect to the Divine still burns...but that flame seems to burn more steadily now, less intensely (to the degree it's possibly for a double fire sign of Leo with Aries rising!), or maybe that's just getting older..

So what about you? If you think back to the first asana class or workshop, and then feel where you are today, where have you changed, grown, expanded, softened? What has a spiritual/Yogic path led you toward? Hopefully, the answer to that is You. The You that you incarnated to be: the relationships that support it, the home that nurtures it, the balance that soothes it, the healing that integrates it, the responsibility that facilitates it...and most of all, the Love that makes it all worth it. My wish is that 2022 is the year you realize all of it.


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